SCAM ALERT to Donors

Sunday May 12, 2013


Website Solicits Donations Without LH Permission

     Lending Hands has discovered a website,, was soliciting financial donations in the name of Lending Hands of Michigan without our permission.  Lending Hands is no longer listed on this website.  This kind of financial solicitation is not condoned by Lending Hands.  This matter has been turned over to the FBI.

     Lending Hands, as a policy, does not allow for other organizations or individuals to solicit financial donations without our permission.  Lending Hands only solicits donations via mail or by people in person at our office.  We do not solicit donations by telephone.  Lending Hands does not sell or giveaway the names of our clients or donors without their permission.  Should you have any questions about a Lending Hands solicitation, please call our office at 269-567-4381 and ask for the Executive Director.

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