We Hear From Our Clients.

Thursday November 2, 2017


What clients say about Lending Hands.


     1.  Volunteers always pleasant, welcoming and helpful.  Such a good community resource, especially for short term equipment use following surgery as was my case.  Saves a lot of money and much appreciated!  Equipment very helpful for safety, independence and energy independence in my recovery" -- K. T. of Richland 

     2. “This service was a wonderful surprise…. We didn’t know you could borrow equipment. This was extremely helpful during a time when medical expenses stretched our budget. We greatly appreciated ’Lending Hands’ medical equipment and the folks were outstanding”. L. K.-Mattawan.

     3. “I would recommend Lending Hands to others and I have many times. I was so happy to find out about Lending Hands, for my husband, that I listed it as the charity of choice after he passed away. Thank you for helping fill the gap”. L. B.-Kalamazoo.
    4. “Recommend Lending Hands to others and already have. They were very helpful and kind to my husband in his needs”. I. D.-Kalamazoo.
    5. “It not only saved considerable money, but was great to be able to dispose of it when I no longer needed it.” J. S.-Paw Paw.
     6.  "I have regularly referred people in need of your service and I have used your service after hip replacement and again when I tore my hamstring.  I used a wheelchair and crutches following my rotator cuff surgeries."  T. E.-Plainwell.  

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