New Executive Director For LH

Wednesday June 21, 2017


Longtime ED Retires

New Executive Director For Lending Hands

     After the announcement that Executive Director, John Hilliard, was going to retire Lending Hands has taken a 4.5 month search for a replacement. Lending Hands is pleased to announce the hiring of a new Executive Director. The new ED is Lucinda M. Stinson, MPA. The position change will take effect on Monday, June 26th. Retiring ED Hilliard will stay on for three months to assist in the transition.
     Ms. Stinson has extensive experience in the public sector with many years working in health care systems. She takes charge of a twelve year old non-profit that lends out basic home medical equipment for free for 7 months. Lending Hands serves six counties in Southwest Michigan.
     The new Executive Director will supervise a cadre of over 50 volunteers, along with day-to-day operations, fund development, marketing and public relations. Lending Hands has served over 19,000 clients and saved those clients over $9 Million in out of pocket expenses.
     “We feel Lucinda is a good fit for Lending Hands,” said Board Chair, Julie VanderNoot. VanderNoot continued by saying, “We expect she will continue our growth as a non-profit organization and continue to move it forward in assisting others in their time of need.”

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