How to Care for The Equipment.

     Take Care of The Equipment! While you are borrowing equipment from Lending hands, please take care of the equipment. Following are some hints: 1. All bath seats should be dried off after each use. Once a week clean with bleach type cleaner. 2. Wheelchair seats and backs should be cleaned once a week with bleach type cleaner. The same for foot rests. 3. Toilet seats, Hi-Rise with or without handles and commodes should be cleaned every other day with bleach type cleaner. 4. Do not put commodes in showers or bath tubs to use as a bath seat. This causes rusting on the legs and handles. 5. Walkers, 2-wheeled and 4-wheeled with seat, should be cleaned once a week with bleach type cleaner. Be sure wheels are free of animal hair. 6. Do not store equipment outside. Keep equipment under cover and in a dry location. 7. If you experience a problem with your equipment immediately call Lending Hands to obtain a replacement, 269-567-4381 8. Be sure to return equipment on or before the 7 month return date. If you lose your paperwork or did not receive it, please call Lending Hands, 269-567-4381, for a copy of your paper work. 

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