Frequently Asked Questions and Policies

  1. Does Lending Hands provide for pick-up and delivery?

    Unfortunately, we do not have the means to do pick-up and delivery. All equipment must be picked up and returned by the client or a designated person.

  2. May I just drop by to borrow equipment?

    Yes, drop-in are welcomed, if you prefer you can call ahead, 269-567-4381, before you need the equipment or check the availability of equipment on our website by clicking on the Equipment link at the top of this page. Sometimes we may not have the equipment you need and we don't want you to make a trip for nothing.

  3. Does Lending Hands accept financial donations?

         Yes, we accept financial donations. We have donation envelopes we can send you or you may mail in a donation. Make checks payable to Lending Hands. You will be provided a receipt for your donation. All donations are deductible within the limits of the law. Lending Hands is a 501-c-3 tax-exempt non-profit organization. Memorials and matching gifts accepted.

  4. Does Lending Hands provide a receipt for donated equipment?
    Yes, if requested, we will provide you with a receipt for the equipment you donate. We do not provide an estimate of the dollar value. You must determine the dollar value with the person who does your tax return. All donations are deductible within the limits of the law.
  5. How may I volunteer with Lending Hands?

    Please give us a call if you wish to volunteer with Lending Hands. We will arrange a day and time for you to visit our facility and see what we do. You will observe the various volunteer opportunities we provide. Call us at 267-567-4381 or e-mail us at   We do not take court appointed community service.

  6. What is Lending Hands' service area?

    We assist people with equipment who live in Allegan, Calhoun, Cass, Kalamazoo (including Hickory Corners), St. Joseph and Van Buren counties in SW Michigan. We do not provide equipment for those living outside our 6 county service area.  For loan programs outside our service area (for rest of Michigan, Northern Indiana and Wisconsin) go to this website --   

  7. How to Care for The Equipment.

         Take Care of The Equipment! While you are borrowing equipment from Lending hands, please take care of the equipment. Following are some hints: 1. All bath seats should be dried off after each use. Once a week clean with bleach type cleaner. 2. Wheelchair seats and backs should be cleaned once a week with bleach type cleaner. The same for foot rests. 3. Toilet seats, Hi-Rise with or without handles and commodes should be cleaned every other day with bleach type cleaner. 4. Do not put commodes in showers or bath tubs to use as a bath seat. This causes rusting on the legs and handles. 5. Walkers, 2-wheeled and 4-wheeled with seat, should be cleaned once a week with bleach type cleaner. Be sure wheels are free of animal hair. 6. Do not store equipment outside. Keep equipment under cover and in a dry location. 7. If you experience a problem with your equipment immediately call Lending Hands to obtain a replacement, 269-567-4381 8. Be sure to return equipment on or before the 7 month return date. If you lose your paperwork or did not receive it, please call Lending Hands, 269-567-4381, for a copy of your paper work. 

  8. How do I contact Lending Hands?

    You may contact us by telephone, 269-567-4381, or e-mail at

  9. Need a speaker for your next meeting?

         Lending Hands can provide a speaker for your next meeting to talk about our organization and how we work to help others. We have given presentations to community groups, service clubs, church groups, health care groups and more. Call our office at 269-567-4381 or e-mail us at to reserve a speaker and presentation.

  10. What They Say About Lending Hands?

         "All Volunteer --- Really??"

         "How would Charity Navigator rate an agency that provided a no-cost, no-means-test, equipment loaning service, on the honor system?  Maybe we have not seen such an animal before?  Add to that the constant improvement of the service and reduction of the rate of loss all in the face of increasing demand and rising costs?  Impossible? NO, it's Lending Hands!"



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